Saturday, November 27, 2010

puisi buat beskal tua yg kacak ~

all began in 13 of July
someday i woke and found nobody in home
did my nature and i saw you for the fisrt
i touched a feeling rosed in mine
i know what is it
      times fly above us
two months were gone in fortnight
i feel tears when all city laugh
miracle will not come twice
so i watched you everytime i could
  as i wacthed you by this window
i know your eyes were always toward me
. .ouh toward me

i saw you gone
i wailed at nigth
i cried  a days
but its not too heavy
coz i already knew
i already knew this ending before ouh . .  .   .     .     .

#semoga beskal tua tahu berbahasa omputih~